Success Stories


The Manitoba Industry-Academia Partnership is pleased to announce the launch of Horizon: a comprehensive asset map of supports and services for Indigenous post-secondary students in Manitoba.

The main goal was to create one central resource with multiple search pathways. Like any search engine, programs or services can be found, by name, under the organization that provides them. What is unique is the ability to search all resources from any source according to the need they fulfill.

This radically simplifies the process of locating appropriate supports.

In consultation with students across Manitoba, frustration in not knowing where to find, or how to access supports was unanimous. Horizon removes this barrier, potentially decreasing disparity between Indigenous: non-Indigenous students’ access to services, particularly valuable for students from remote communities where poor internet connectivity has limited their ability to become proficient at navigating large institutional processes that rely heavily on online communication.

Students also identified substantial gaps during critical transition periods in post-secondary programs and workforce entry. Multiple search pathways allow us to identify duplication in service delivery and potentially re-route resources to fill existing gaps.

Horizon provides a platform where aspiring or struggling students can see themselves reflected in academia and careers where Indigenous peoples are underrepresented.

“I think accurate, empowering, and wide-spread portrayals of Indigenous people can work in tandem with the “Truth” aspect of “Truth and Reconciliation” to help people understand our histories, and that we deserve to be treated equitably. I am hopeful that sharing stories of Indigenous relatives’ triumph and bravery can contribute positively to the movement of Indigenous resistance and spark hope in Indigenous youth.” Sarah Olson MA Ind. Studies, UM

“Predicated on a strong foundation of Reconciliation we hope that Horizon will play a part in truly achieving substantive equality for Indigenous students in the Manitoba academic, industrial, and economic landscape and that those who use this resource – our students, the career developers that assist our students – will find it to be an invaluable tool for the Indigenous community.” Denise Tardiff, Manager of the Manitoba Collaborative Indigenous Education Blueprint (MCIEB)

Visit the Horizon Ecosystem Map