Horizon Ecosystem Map

A comprehensive Manitoba asset map of programs and services available to Indigenous post-secondary students.

To address the disparity between Indigenous student’s access to supports and services, we have developed an “Ecosystem Map” of available resources for Indigenous post-secondary students in the province that we trust will become a valuable navigation tool for students and service professionals alike.


In keeping with Indigenous ways of knowing and being, this model is structured in a wholistic way based on the hierarchical nature of need fulfillment. It takes into account the impact of intergenerational effects of colonial practices, resulting in socio-economic marginalization which necessitates unique service delivery for our Indigenous students. 

By mapping the entire ecosystem of supports, this resource will simplify access to available programs, help eliminate duplications and identify opportunities for needed services.


This initiative brings stakeholders one step closer to fulfilling the commitment of Manitoba’s Post-Secondary Institutions to the Manitoba Collaborative Indigenous Education Blueprint (est. 2015) in the development of a coordinated provincial approach that supports students throughout their academic journey in a culturally appropriate, relevant, and needs-based ways. 



To truly achieve substantive equality for Indigenous students in the Manitoban academic, industrial, and economic landscape.

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Horizon has been designed with student needs in mind and can be easily searched in two ways:

By organization/institution: Users can search all organizations in the database under SOURCES OF SUPPORT where they are listed by name with descriptions of, and link to, the services they offer.

By specific need: They have the ability to search by need under SUPPORTS FOR STUDENTS. Clicking on the type of service/support required will generate a search for all resources related to that particular need from every organization in the database.

Database of Organizations

Organizations are listed by name with descriptions of the services they offer and links to their home page and specific programs.

Most organizations have multiple departments, programs, and resources, so as much as possible, they have been divided into categories according to how they self-identify or where they fit best.

Indigenous led organizations and/or resources intended exclusively for Indigenous peoples, have been weighted to appear at the top of every page.

The “submit a resource” section welcomes additions and edits to the database.

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Visit the Horizon Ecosystem Map! https://horizon.miap.ca