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Show Me the Money: Funding and Supports for Manufacturing

Join us at a virtual session to learn how to access funding to benefit your company or organization in the following areas: Workforce Development-Work Integrated Learning; Economic Development and Trade; Advanced Manufacturing, Research, and Innovation; and Environmental Improvement Programs – Carbon Footprint Reduction Support.



Workforce Development

WHY – To help you grow your workers’ skills and competencies so you can focus on running your business. Funding Workforce Development and Work Integrated Learning is integral to the success of your business. We will teach you how to access funding to support this area of your organization so you can feel confident about having top-skilled workers while you focus on growing your business.

Economic Development and Trade

WHY – To help your organization make the connections you need to grow so that the Manufacturing industry as a whole can continue to be a pillar of economic development within our province. The Manufacturing sector in Manitoba creates tens of thousands of jobs within our province and contributes heavily to our GDP. In order to keep growth steady, we need organizations like yours to continue to prosper. With our help, learn to access funding necessary for developing new strategies, technologies, production initiatives and more.

Advanced Manufacturing

WHY – To simplify operational complexity in order to improve overall productivity and bottom line. Advanced manufacturing promotes faster, more agile and more efficient processes through the use of automation technologies for consistent quality and productivity gains. Join us to learn more about this area and how to access funding opportunities that can help you reach the next level in operational excellence.

Environmental Improvements and Carbon Footprint Reduction

WHY – Improving access to environmentally-conscious, as well as cost-effective plans and processes, so you can feel good about the work you do. Following the recent announcement from the IPCC which stated human involvement as “unequivocally” driving climate change, many are feeling a sense of urgency when it comes to their carbon footprint. By learning to access funding specifically designed for environmental initiatives, going green has never been easier or more affordable.

Guest Speaker

CEO of West Canitest R&D Inc. (WestCaRD)
CME, Executive Consultant

Bob Hastings, President and CEO of West Canitest R&D Inc (WestCaRD), takes us through the challenges and opportunities of funding programs. It is not just knowing where the funding is but equally as important to understand your eligibility and submission requirements that can baffle and overwhelm organizations across all sectors. Get insight and tips to help you take your new knowledge from the information stage to cash in the bank for your organization.


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